TBI: Tools and Strategies to Promote Recovery for the Moderately-Severely Challenged – Live Webinar and Online Courses – Two Sessions


This course is a combination of 2 Live Webinars and 2 Online courses.

The online sessions will be added to your ERI account approximately 10 days prior the first session.

Online Session 1 must be taken prior to the Saturday, February 12, 2022, Live Webinar session
Online Session 2 must be taken prior to the Saturday, February 19, 2022, Live Webinar Session

You will receive a separate CEU Certificate for your Live Webinar Sessions and Online courses. A combined post-test must be completed in order to receive the 0.5 CEU Certificate for these sessions

Two live webinar sessions – 8.5 Contact Hours (.85 CEUs) + two online sessions – 5 Contact Hours (.5 CEUs) = A Total of 13.5 Contact hours (1.35 CEUs)

Course Description

TBI results in an abrupt disruption to the functioning of the brain, with the potential to impact any or all our mental and physical functions.  The complex impairments, functional limitations and activity restrictions that the individual experiences can pose considerable challenges for clinicians from the acute through the chronic phases. This course will provide a framework and utilize video-based cases to provide optimal evaluation, assessment, and treatment strategies for individuals with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries.   Best practices and the integration of existing evidence into clinical reasoning, along with strategies for reflection to drive professional growth, will be emphasized. This will facilitate efficient and effective decision-making by the clinician to optimize outcomes for individuals with moderate to severe TBI. 

 Objectives- Live Webinar

  • Perform a comprehensive examination of an individual with moderate or severe TBI, including assessment of physical, cognitive, behavioral, and psychosocial variables.  
  • Develop a patient-centered plan of care that prioritizes addressing impairments linked to activity and participation restrictions, considering co-morbidities, acuity of injury, resources, and personal factors. 
  • Implement evidence-based and theory-based interventions that will comprehensively address the needs of the individual patient. 
  • Utilize reflective strategies throughout the clinical reasoning process to foster professional growth and continue to drive one’s own expertise. Objectives-Online Course  Must be viewed prior to February 12, 2022, Live Webinar.
    • Integrate multiple sources of information to anticipate areas of deficits to help guide examination, goal setting and prognosticating. 
    • Choose applicable outcome tools to measure patient-specific deficits as part of a comprehensive examination.  

    Objectives-Online Course  Must be viewed prior to February 19, 2022Live Webinar.

    • Identify distinct strategies used for clinical reasoning, and considerations related to their use. 
    • State one or more important considerations when planning a treatment based upon skill development. 

ERI is partnering with Texas Children’s Hospital to offer this course.


Feb 12 - 19, 2022


United States


Instructor: Kim Miczak
Phone: 800-487-6530
Website: https://www.educationresourcesinc.com/courses/2022-02-12/tbi-tools-and-strategies-to-promote-recovery-for-the-moderately-severely-challenged-live-webinar-and-online-courses-two-sessions-5/