Advocacy in France: An International Collaboration for Balance Awareness Week

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Balance Awareness Week is not just making waves in primarily English-speaking countries. Thanks to our partners in France, Semaine de L’Equilibre & du Vertige (French for Balance Awareness Week) is also reaching patients and healthcare providers in France. To celebrate this global partnership a panel of French advocates shares how they are raising awareness.

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Panelist Bios:

Florian COURCOUX: MSc Physiotherapist and BSc Occupational Therapist, advanced in Vestibular Therapy from Pittsburgh University and Sorbonne university. Active member of SFKV (French speaking society of vestibular physiotherapist) and GDR Vertige (Unit GDR2074 CNRS)

François SIMON: ENT doctor – Assistant Professor in paediatric otolaryngology, at Université Paris Cité and Necker – Enfants Malades Hospital (AP-HP) in Paris. Specializing in pediatric otology and more specifically in chronic middle ear surgery, endonasal skull base surgery, vestibular disease and deafness management. Researcher at the Integrative Neuroscience & Cognition Center, Spatial orientation team (INCC – Université Paris Cité), focusing on the vestibular system: assessing vestibular function in murine models and multisensory integration in children with vestibular disorders.

Christian CHABBERT : PhD. Research Director at CNRS. Director of Unit GDR2074 CNRS ( Head of Research Team Physiopathology and Therapy of Vestibular Disorders (

Yannis BENANIBA : Cybersecurity Consultant. Vestibular Patient. President of Association des Désordres Vestibulaires ( and VeDA Ambassador.


Sep 19, 2022, 9:00 AM PDT