Vestibular Assessment: VNG, Rotary Chair, vHIT, & VEMP Protocols and Practice


This 2-day (16- hour)  workshop will provide attendees with an in-depth overview of the most powerful clinical vestibular assessment tools used today. These tests and strategies will be explored related to building a time and cost-effective clinical protocol. The AIB faculty will share their evidence-based protocols and strategies, developed over two decades with 100,000+ patient data.  This new information will provide the clinician with the necessary tools to offer a more efficient and productive means of management for the chronic dizzy patient.

The workshop will provide attendees with evidence-based clinical protocols for VNG, VHIT, and VEMP, and Rotary Chair, case studies, and management strategies for best practice. Additionally, Medical Report writing will be emphasized by utilizing proven techniques to clearly and concisely communicate test findings and recommendations to both family practice and specialty physicians.


May 4 - 5, 2022


Largo (Tampa Bay)
United States


Instructor: Joseph Sakumura, AuD, Board Certified, CCC-A
Phone: 800.245.6442