Vestibular Rehab Certificate for Clinicians: Foundation and Clinical Application


Vestibular Rehab Certificate for Clinicians: Foundation and Clinical Application (2.2 CEU’s) is a hybrid course offering self-paced online coursework (8 contact hours) to introduce foundational knowledge followed by a live weekend seminar (14 contact hours) focused on refining skills and translation of knowledge to patient care. Clinicians will walk away from this course series with knowledge, confidence in their skills, experience in differential diagnosis and a plan in place to promote immediate implementation of these skills as they return to the clinic on Monday.

Intended audience: PT / PTA / OT; Educational level: Introductory-Intermediate; Instructional Methods: Demonstration, skills-check, large and small group discussion, video, case studies

Part 1: Foundation provides the clinician with the foundational knowledge to improve understanding of vestibular function and the effects of vestibular dysfunction in patients with dizziness, imbalance, and falls. Specific emphasis will be placed on understanding peripheral and central causes of dizziness, including BPPV, vestibular hypofunction, CVA, neurodegenerative diseases, and multisensory dizziness. Principles of assessment and differential diagnosis will improve the clinician’s efficiency in examination and translation of exam findings into the development of an effective, evidence-based treatment plan. Approved by WI APTA and by the AOTA for .8 CEU’s

Part 2: Clinical Application is a weekend intensive course that utilizes techniques and activities to promote skill development, large and small group discussion to analyze complex cases, such as multiple canal BPPV and mixed central and peripheral conditions. Clinicians will have the opportunity to develop a personalized assessment template for use in their clinical setting, and ready-to-follow clinical plan to incorporate the evidence-based treatment strategies with instructor guidance and group discussion. Approved by WI APTA and by the AOTA for 1.4 CEU’s 


Nov 4 - 5, 2023


United States


Instructor: Dr. Colleen Sleik PT, DPT, NCS and Dr. Jack Cervantes PT, DPT