Vestibular Rehabilitation: Advanced-LIVE WEBINAR-Two Sessions


Live Webinar for Therapists. Complete Both Sessions for 12 Contact Hours (1.2 CEUs)

March 5 and 6, 2022
10:10 am EST • 9:10 am CST • 8:10 am MST• 7:10 am PST (US)

Course Description 

The course will focus on the assessment and treatment of patients with vertigo and dysequilibrium from unusual vestibular causes. The course is designed for clinicians (PT & OT) with prior vestibular rehabilitation course work and clinical experience. Material covered will include advanced techniques for treating anterior and horizontal canal BPPV, central causes of dizziness (including concussion), identification and treatment of cervicogenic dizziness, persistent postural perceptual dizziness, migraine and other unusual vestibular disorders. As vestibular disorders occur across the lifespan and with various disorders, this information is applicable to a large patient population with symptoms of dizziness. 

 Course Objectives: 

  1. Diagnose and describe the various appropriate treatment techniques for anterior semicircular canal BPPV, and horizontal semicircular canal BPPV, including BPPV affecting the anterior arm of the horizontal semicircular canal. 
  2. Develop an understanding of the causes of cervicogenic dizziness 
  3. Interpret a detailed examination of the patient to differentiate between vestibular and cervicogenic causes of dizziness. 
  4.  Design and conduct a treatment program for individuals with cervicogenic dizziness, including: manual traction techniques for the cervical spine and cervical kinesthetic retraining techniques. 
  5. Develop an understanding of central causes of dizziness, including CVA, brain injury, and concussion.  
  6. Design and modify treatment programs based on the nature of the cause of dizziness in this patient population. 
  7. Develop an understanding of other causes of dizziness such as chronic subjective dizziness, migraine-associated dizziness, and movement disorders.  
  8. Design and modify treatment programs based on the nature of the cause of dizziness in this patient population. 


Mar 5 - 6, 2022


United States


Instructor: Dr. Richard Clendaniel
Phone: 800-487-6530