Vestibular Rehabilitation II: Advanced Certification


Vestibular Rehabilitation II is an advanced 16-hour, competency-based workshop, geared towards advanced diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and management of the “chronic dizzy patient”. This course is designed for individuals who have experience treating vestibular patients or have taken an entry-level vestibular course. This course will delve deeper into vestibular dysfunction, psychological components, and comorbidity management as it pertains to vestibular dysfunction and advanced rehabilitation techniques. A brief introduction to technology related to vestibular assessment and rehabilitation will also be a component of this course in order to provide insight on the continuum of care for the dizzy and balance disordered patient. Following the completion of this course and satisfactory results on the examination, the participant will be certified in advanced vestibular rehabilitation.


Nov 12 - 13, 2020


Largo (Tampa Bay Area)
United States


Instructor: Various
Phone: 800-245-6442