VRT 2- Advanced Vestibular Rehab & Cervicogenic Dizziness


This live vestibular course will provide clinicians the ability to evaluate and manage patients with Cervicogenic Dizziness and Atypical Vestibular Conditions.
A variety of education materials will be presented in order to enhance learning, including live lecture and hands on skills checks. Education material will focus on examination and treatment of cervicogenic dizziness and atypical BPPV.
The course is intended to enhance the clinician’s ability to determine the diagnosis of complex vestibular conditions and implementation adv. vestibular rehabilitation principles. The participant will also learn examination and treatment progressions for patients experiencing Cervicogenic dizziness and complex vestibular disorders.


Apr 21 - 22, 2023


New York
United States


Instructor: Dr Mickey Shah, PT, DSc, OCS, FAAOOPT, Dip. MDT, Certified Vestibular Rehab Specialist
Phone: 7089664386
Website: https://evidenceceu.learnworlds.com/course?courseid=catholic-health-vrt2