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[Closed] The mystery of my symptoms πŸ€”

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Hello, I allow myself to write this message because today I live with a daily sensations of dizziness, instabilities (I have other symptoms that I list below in my message). I am French and in France, there is a huge delay in medicine. The diagnoses when there is vertigo are very very hard to find here. That’s why I am writing here.

Here is my story to better understand (sorry it’s super long and sorry in advance if you see English faults 😬) :

* 2014: rotating vertigo with nausea and inability to get up. The diagnosis of ENT was a problem with the crystals. After taking tanganil, these gradually fade. Since then, every year I have had a few vertigo but it goes away immediately.

*2016 : head trauma from a fall + I had to wear a neck brace for my necks

* 2017: cervical x-ray because of persistent pain. They found that I have a chronic neck pain (cervicalgie in French) and a loss of cervical lordosis.

* 2019: rotatory vertigo again. I make an appointment with the ENT who certifies that I see nothing. No crystal problem, nothing. The vertigo passes quickly.

* 2020: in June, large rotatory dizziness, which passes in 24 hours.

I went to a new ENT who told me that He found an old vestibular neuritis with a deficit of 43% on the compensated left ear. This old neuritis dates from 2014, in my opinion, when the real big first dizziness came. The ENT assures me that the dizziness and pitching sensations that I currently have cannot come from this because my brain has compensated for this deficit.

From that moment until today, I have been experiencing everyday vertigo (more the sensation of vertigo that a « real » vertigo)/ pitching when walking / dizziness / light sensitivity / pain around my eyes when I press on my eyebrows / sensation of « heavy eyes ».

In ad of this symptoms, I have some migraines because of my cervical. When the migraine comes, the sensation of dizziness disappears. But when it stops, the sensation of dizziness/vertigo reappears.

I saw a vestibular physiotherapist with who I did few vestibular rehabilitation sessions. She told me that she could not tell me if my daily dizziness is from my old vestibular neuritis because it is too old.

She thinks that my symptoms may also be due to my bowel problem (I have irritable bowel syndrome and leaky bowel, because of that I have some small vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and dehydration).

She also thinks that all my symptoms can come from my neck (cervical) and a possible compression of the arteries or nerves.

I am currently seeing an orthoptist because I have a little convergence problem with my left eye. He told me there wouldn't be a lot of sessions to do. He confirmed all the possible diagnoses that were told to me by my vestibular physiotherapist.


Sooooooooo, i was thinking that maybe I have a vestibular migraine or the BarrΓ© Leiou syndrome (due to my cervical). Or maybe be after-effects of my old neuritis that come when I'm tired, anxious. Oooor not a BarrΓ© Leiou syndrome but a compression of some nerve/artery in my neck.

As you can see, today I’m just lost because I don’t have a clear diagnostic. Just possibilities.

I can’t find a doctor that can find exactly why I have all this symptoms everyday. It’s why I come on this forum today. If someone recognise himself/herself in my comment, or if you think of something, tell me 😁


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