Dr. Adam Krause DPT

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Dr. Adam Krause DPT


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Dr. Adam Krause, DPT, is a Physical Therapist specializing in evaluating and treating vestibular disorders and chronic pain.


His clinic is mobile, which means he comes to you. This works out wonderfully for vestibular patients, as treatments can often provoke symptoms, and it is nice to be in the comfort of your own home.


He works with all vestibular disorders and is experienced in treating BPPV, cervicogenic dizziness, persistent pain, vestibular migraine, persistent postural perceptual dizziness (3PD), and post-concussion syndrome.




PMA Mobile Physical Therapy

3525 Felton St, San Diego, CA 92104, USA

(619) 894-6043?

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  • Physical Therapist


Certificate of Competency in Vestibular Rehabiliation (CCVR)

VRT Vestibular Rehab


Serving patients in these languages:

  • English


Serving patients in these regions:

  • US - California

Professional Association Membership

  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Percentage of Patients Treated for Vestibular Disorders

50% - 74%

Procedures and Tools

  • Infrared lenses/Frenzel goggles
  • Neurologic exam
  • Comprehensive Clinical Vestibular Exam
  • Dix Hallpike
  • Oculomotor testing
  • Functional mobility and gait assessment

Diagnoses Qualified to Manage

  • BPPV
  • Other peripheral vestibular disorders
  • Central vestibular disorders


  • I work in, or have access to, a multidisciplinary team of vestibular specialists