Dr. Kimberley Bell PT, DPT

Dr. Kimberley Bell PT, DPT


Dr. Kim Bell, DPT is a professional educator, speaker and practicing physical therapist who has been specializing in Vestibular Rehabilitation since 2006. She, herself, suffers from occasional episodes of dizziness and vertigo, so she realizes how limited the resources are for those suffering with these symptoms. With her unique, comprehensive methodology – The Bell Method®, she helps patients of all ages with these uncomfortable symptoms and attracts many international patients who are desperate for answers and relief. Dr. Bell has treated or consulted with thousands of patients with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and unexplained repeated falls, and she has trained hundreds of providers in her unique methodology. From 2008 to 2016, Dr. Bell served as the Co-Chair of the San Diego Fall Prevention Task Force and remains the Clinical Leader of efforts to prevent falling for older residents in her local community. Her UCSD Stein Public Lectures have been viewed over 2 million times on University of California Television (UC-TV). Dr. Bell and her team of Vestibular Expert Physical Therapists see patients in Encinitas, California, and offer house calls throughout most of San Diego County, California, in the USA.* Dr. Bell consults with patients, families, caregivers, physical therapists and other healthcare providers worldwide, acting as an expert in the most difficult and complex cases of vertigo and has a series of empowering multi-media E-courses available for purchase on her website.  For free, helpful information, educational blogs and to learn more about her products and services, visit https://betterbalanceinlife.com.

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  • Physical Therapist


Masters & Doctorate Degrees in Physical Therapy.
Vestibular Expert with Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation training.
Educator, Speaker & Laughologist.