Taking Steps Toward Recovery

SAVE THE DATE: May 21-27, 2023

Steps-2-Balance (S2B) is VeDA's annual call to all "Vesties"—those living with vestibular dysfunction, their loved ones, healthcare providers, and support partners. Let's all celebrate the steps we are taking together on the journey to finding a life rebalanced. It’s a week to celebrate the steps you've taken on your journey toward finding a “Life Rebalanced,” and set a goal to support your recovery.

Since its inception in 1985, VeDA has evolved into a powerful force that informs, represents, and advocates for people struggling with vestibular dysfunction. By participating in Steps-2-Balance and sharing your story, you’re helping raise awareness about the millions of people who suffer invisibly from inner ear and brain dysfunction.

We can take steps toward recovery by using tools, like walking sticks from Urban Poling, and coping mechanisms, like poetry-writing or any path that fosters creativity and self-reflection.

Who Can Participate?
  • Anyone with a vestibular condition, along with their family, friends, loved ones, and support partners.
  • Healthcare professionals, please encourage your vestibular patients to participate.
  • VeDA Ambassadors, board members, and volunteers will also be along to provide support.

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