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May 19-25, 2024

When you are struggling with a vestibular disorder, it can feel like your world will never be balanced again. It’s important to stay active, but it can be hard to keep moving and take the next step. That is why we come together every year to celebrate Steps-2-Balance (S2B).

How can I participate?

  2. Pledge to take a “step” towards better balance during the week of Steps-2-Balance.
  3. Share your pledge with your community and invite them to support your journey to balance.

What counts as a "step"?

A “step” towards better balance will be different for every person. There is no wrong answer. The important thing is that you choose a “step” that will help you in your vestibular journey. Here are some ideas:

  • Do one physical therapy exercise each day.
  • Host a pop-up event to educate your community about balance awareness.
  • Research which healthcare providers could help you get a diagnosis.
  • Walk to your mailbox and back.

"Steps" That 2023 Ambassadors Took

Joy Holten S2B
Joy Holten

This Steps-2-Balance, I pledge to walk with my fellow VeDA Ambassadors.

Manisha Gupta
Manisha Gupta

This Steps-2-Balance, I pledge to practice my vestibular rehabilitation exercises at home each day.

Pat S2B
Pat Filipek

This Steps-2-Balance, I will take a "step" by walking with my fellow VeDA Ambassadors.

Jen Crespo S2B
Jen Crespo

This Steps-2-Balance, I will celebrate my recovery by traveling.

David Morrill S2B
David Morrill

This Steps-2-Balance, I will swim with my inflatable flamingo.

Dana Tress
Dana Tress, PT

This Steps-2-Balance I am taking a "step" by hosting an educational campaign at my clinic and participating in a community walk to raise awareness about vestibular disorders.

steps-2-balance merch concepts (17)
Marissa Aldrete

This Steps-2-Balance, I will walk to take a "step" towards better balance.

Steps-2-Balance Tools and Resources

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Madison Oak S2B
Vestibular Group Fit

Dr. Madison, PT is a physical therapist specializing in vestibular disorders. She founded Oak PT & Wellness, a telehealth vestibular therapy clinic, @thevertigodoctor on Instagram, and created Vestibular Group Fit (VGF). VGF is an international & comprehensive group program for managing dizziness. Dr. Madison's expertise is in Vestibular Migraine and PPPD but welcomes patients with diverse vestibular diagnoses.

Urban Poling

Urban Poling and VeDA have partnered to promote safe balance and mobility. The Activator® poles provide added support and can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries. Urban Poling also offers education on proper pole usage and research on the benefits of Activator® Advantage for various health conditions.

vizstim s2b

VIZSTIM is an at home vestibular exercise kit which provides you with the tools, videos, and autonomy to improve your balance from the comfort of your home. Developed by a physical therapist with a board certified specialty in neurologic PT this is a 3 level program working on the visual, vestibular, and somatosensory systems to improve your balance. Dr Ashley believes that having the tools on hand allows you to be consistent with your exercises to promote neuroplastic change!

S2B Partner Headers (4)
Step and Connect

Step and Connect is dedicated to improving balance and reducing falls with innovative devices and educational programs. Their Balance Matters System, developed by Erica DeMarch, Author, Physical therapist, and founder, offers a fun, functional, and science-backed approach to training balance. Their portable devices provide multi-sensory feedback and training to maximize motor learning performance. Join them for brighter outcomes in your wellness and rehab programs.

TheraSpecs-Logo-Full-Color-1280x720 (1)

TheraSpecs therapeutic glasses are an affordable, reliable, and proven solution for light sensitivity and migraine. Their lenses target the wavelengths of light that are most likely to trigger pain and other symptoms like vertigo, and studies show they can reduce migraine attacks by as much as 74% and lessen photophobia.


Vizziq is the first over-the-ground, progressive, neuromuscular gait trainer shown to improve gait mechanics, confidence, and decreasing fear of falling. Vizziq activates three inherent fall defense mechanisms including vestibular, visual, and somatosensory systems; enabling people to walk confidently and comfortably while maintaining proper posture and form. Quality, Repetition, & Form; One step at a time!

Veda Steps2Balance

Fitterfirst has been leading the world to better balance since 1985. Carrying 100’s of items designed to improve confidence, build strength, endurance, recover from injuries and bring movement into the workplace. Find what you need for:

  • Injury & Prevention

  • Family Fitness

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Choose Fitterfirst to help you advance your Stability, Agility and Mobility goals.

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