What "steps" will you take?

May 21-27, 2023

When you are struggling with a vestibular disorder, it can feel like your world will never be balanced again. That is why we come together every year to celebrate Steps-2-Balance.

Your participation in Steps-2-Balance will help ensure that when someone gets dizzy, they can get the help they need.

How can I participate?

You can join Steps-2-Balance by

  1. Pledging to take one "step" each day for one week.
  2. Asking your community to sponsor your daily "steps" to help make sure that the vital resources dizzy people rely on remain available.

What counts as a "step"?

A "step" will mean something different to every person.

  • Maybe your "step" is to do one physical therapy exercise each day.
  • Maybe your dizziness just started, and your "step" is researching which healthcare providers could help you get a diagnosis.
  • Maybe you are the family member of a vestibular patient, and your "step" is to learn one thing about your loved one's condition.
  • Maybe you are a healthcare professional, and your "step" is to raise awareness about vestibular conditions by posting a resource on social media.

There is no wrong answer. The important thing is that you choose a "step" that will help you in your vestibular journey.

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