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Russell Dinney

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Russell Dinney


Russell is a talented physiotherapist with a focus on leaving every patient stronger and more resilient than he found them. He brings a wealth of experience and an upbeat attitude as a orthopaedic and vestibular therapist.
Russell firmly believes that every patient is entitled to a complete understanding of their condition and what it will take to improve. He understands that making significant changes in a patient’s condition requires two equally important roles. The traditional role of treatment provider,  and that of an experienced coach, training his patients to create lasting changes in their bodies.
Russell was born and raised in Burlington. Athletics have been an important part of his life with an interest in running, softball, basketball and golf. But Russell’s interests don’t stop there, he is  an avid guitarist and a travel enthusiast. Coming in at 6 and a half feet he definitely raises the average height of our team here in Burlington. Russell’s family only moved once while he was growing up – and it was into the house next door!


  • Physical Therapist


Post-Graduate Training in Vestibular Rehabilitation
Concussion Works Certification


Serving patients in these regions:

  • CA - Ontario