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Delray Beach, Conde Center Vestibular Disorder Support Group

Delray Beach, Conde Center Vestibular Disorder Support Group


This support group is located at the Conde Center for Chiropractic Neurology in Delray Beach, Florida.

Next meeting: September 29

Subject: Dizziness: Exploring Cutting-Edge Applications and Technological Innovations With Dr. John Conde

In this presentation Dr. Conde will discuss the explosion in neuroscience in the 21st century in regards to research and the clinical applications for the dizzy patient.  He will reveal the hottest trends in neurological research regarding dizziness and what it means for you.  Diagnostic capabilities are more accurate than ever before due to the state-of-the art equipment made possible by years of study.  A closer look at some of this equipment will be taken.  Lastly, Dr. Conde will review what occurs in the brain of the dizzy patient and illustrate how using treatment methods consistent with the most up to date neuroscientific research has improved the outcomes for so many people suffering with this disorder.

For more information about the group or to RSVP, contact Shay Bickford at 561.330.6096 or [email protected]