Balancing Act Rehab Supporting The Continuation of LRL

Life Rebalanced Live (LRL) Conference, Past and Present

Balancing Act Rehab Provides Funding for LRL

VeDA would like to give a big shout out to Drs. Abbie Ross and Danielle Tolman with Balancing Act Rehabilitation for sponsoring Life Rebalanced Live (LRL) 2024. Thanks to their generous support, this year’s event will feature some of the best expert speakers in the global vestibular community, and patient panels sharing their lived experience with these debilitating disorders.

History of LRL

LRL was born when Danielle and VeDA’s Board of Directors attended the 2nd Annual Vestibular Disorders Conference hosted by vestibular patient, Jim Hainlen in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Department of Otolaryngology in Minneapolis, MN, September 28, 2019.

“I was so inspired by the amazing information that was shared and the connections built during this one day event, I knew VeDA needed to help continue this new tradition,” says Danielle.

In 2020 LRL was launched, with Abbie & Danielle as founding members of the steering committee. Since this first year, Abbie and Danielle have hosted the daily fireside chats with the world-class vestibular experts. You might even say, this event is their “baby.”

Providing Information Around The World

From the beginning, VeDA recognized the importance of making these resources available to anyone, anywhere. Geography is no boundary, neither is access to transportation, or the inability to leave your house. Using a virtual conference platform, we are able to bring together people from all over the world to learn, share, and connect. Additionally, the support of sponsors and donors has allowed VeDA to put on this conference at no cost to attendees, with general admission available for free.

Bringing Vestibular Patients Together

“In addition to our fabulous speakers and panelists, LRL is about building community,” says Abbie. “Whether it be a support system that understands, a healthcare team that listens, or discovering resources that people can learn from and use, LRL is a launching pad for people to become advocates for their own health and wellness.”

LRL is more than an educational conference, it’s a platform for people to connect and for ideas to blossom. For example, during last year’s conference two new online support groups were formed – Medically Retired Warriors, for people who can no longer work due to their vestibular condition, and Living Solo, for single people living alone who struggle with vestibular problems without the benefit of a built-in support system.

LRL highlights how valuable the virtual connection can be, especially for those where vestibular care isn’t readily available. This is further exemplified by the expansion of telehealth, online support groups, podcasts, and all the resources on VeDA’s website and social media channels.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the strong foundation Abbie & Danielle have helped build, LRL is the most anticipated vestibular event of the year. Join us by registering for free today!

P.S. VeDA would also like to thank all the volunteers and donors who have made this event possible, as well as the healthcare professionals and patients who share their expertise and personal stories.