Life Rebalanced Live

Welcome to VeDA's 2nd Annual

Virtual Conference


February 7-11, 2022

Learning. Sharing. Connection.

Life Rebalanced Live is VeDA's 2nd annual virtual conference, featuring talks by premier vestibular specialists, patients sharing their stories, and opportunities to ask questions and connect with other "Vesties."

What is Vestibular?
  • with Dr. Richard Clendaniel, PT, PhD
Neurological Symptoms associated with Long-haul COVID-19
  • with Anna Tate, MPH & P. Ashley Wackym, MD
Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
  • with Jeff Hoder, PT, DPT, NCS
Vestibular Migraine
  • with Shin Beh, MD, FAAN, FAHS
The Vestibular Traumatic Brain Injury  Connection
  • with Carrie Hoppes, PT, PhD
Life Rebalanced Live

Registration is free!

You can participate in all five days of this live virtual conference at no charge, thanks to the generous support of VeDA's donors and sponsors.

What you'll get:

  • Access to five live presentations by premier vestibular healthcare providers.
  • Each presentation is followed by a panel of patients discussing their experience on that day's topic.
  • Ability to watch the recorded presentations for 24-hours afterwards.
  • Access to online chat rooms where you can ask questions of presenters and connect directly with other participants.

If you miss the live sessions you can purchase the recordings after the event.

Evening for a Life Rebalanced

Join us for a virtual fundraiser to support ongoing free programs like this annual conference. You'll enjoy entertainment, touching stories, and more!

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Your Hosts

Drs. Danielle Tate and Abbie Ross will be facilitating the "fireside chat" discussions with our healthcare experts, and vestibular patient, Laura Cala, will moderate the patient panels.

Danielle Tate, DPT

Danielle Tolman, DPT
Balancing Act Rehabilitation

Dr. Danielle Tate, PT, DPT is a physical therapist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients with vestibular and balance dysfunction. She obtained her BS in Healthcare Management as well as her DPT from Misericordia University Physical Therapy Department in Dallas, PA. Dr. Tate had the opportunity to complete a 10 week clinical rotation with a vestibular specialist at the Otolaryngology, Vestibular, and Balance Center at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA where she became a true “Vestibuloholic”. A few short years later, she developed the educational version of a 3D printed model of the Vestibular Organ for both patient and clinician education. In order to share her educational model, she founded Vestibular Today, a website dedicated to sharing interesting patient cases, educational videos, and vestibular-related research she learns about as she moves forward in her career.

She brings her passion for raising awareness about vestibular dysfunction and imbalance out into the community by giving free presentations at senior centers and for local organizations. She has created and presented in-services for audiological practices and Doctor of Physical Therapy Students about simple bedside testing/screening and treatment. She has completed and successfully passed the Vestibular Competency Course presented by Duke University School of Medicine & the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in Atlanta, Georgia. She is proud to be an active Board Member of the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) where she also serves on the Legislative Advocacy Committee, the Medical Advocacy Committee, the Virtual Conference Committee, and the Professional Development Committee. 

Abbie Ross, PT, DPT, NCS

Abbie Ross, PT, DPT, NCS
Balancing Act Rehabilitation

Dr. Abbie Ross is a physical therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of patients with vestibular and balance dysfunction. She is a board-certified neurologic clinical specialist, which includes the rehabilitation management of vestibular disorders, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and more. Dr. Ross operates a primarily virtual vestibular rehabilitation clinic called Balancing Act Rehabilitation PLLC. In addition, she co-produces a podcast focused on vestibular dysfunction called Talk Dizzy to Me, along with our other conference host, Dr. Danielle Tate. She is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and vestibular rehabilitation special interest group, as well as a professional member and committee member of the Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA).

Laura Cala

Laura Cala
Vestibular Migraine Patient


Feedback from 2020

"I am very thankful to this conference. It is such a blessing and privilege to have this information to guide me through my ordeal. You have helped me not feel so alone and "weird" because I have this invisible disease. Thank so much from the bottom of my heart to everyone who put this amazing conference together. All your hard work and caring has helped me and everyone who struggles with vestibular dysfunction."

friends joining hands

Feedback from 2020

"Thank you for this  wonderful conference! It was so informative. Now I know what my difficulties are & who my people are. It's such a great relief."

friends joining hands

Feedback from 2020

"I LOVED this conference! I’m grateful that it was virtual and recorded so I could still watch it when my vestibular issues weren't acting up. Thank you for this wonderful resource!"

training session

Feedback from 2020

"Thank you for making the conference available to all and making the cost for the webinars affordable. The information and the ability to connect with so many people who are struggling like I am is invaluable."

training session

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