Dizzy Dash 2017 A Success!

Dashers walked their own paths to raise awareness and achieve a personal goal.


Many goals were achieved as the 45 participants of this year's Dizzy Dash walked their own path to defeat dizziness.

Here are some of the stories from our Dashers:

  • “Today is about what you can do, not about what you can't do. I am fortunate to be able to walk, after having to learn to walk again just 4 years ago. I am proud to say I walked 10 miles on my treadmill over a two day period. To all my Dizzy friends, you got this!” – David Morrill, VeDA Ambassador Chair
  • “Although, I woke up with vestibular issues and didn't think I could make it, somehow we got to London and achieved the goal. It was worth paying the price of a dizzy and bad head day today for what we achieved collectively. It was so good to meet Isabella Park, a fellow Dasher, as she finished her run with us at Regent's Park. What a brave lady! Another friend, Michele, who has been diagnosed with Meniere's, also got out of bed to join us. The British weather did not deter us, as we got our picnic out and carried on. Thank you for the ambassador's meeting where you shared about the Nordic Poles, hence that was how I could participate yesterday.” – Etrily Laitphlang
  • “Dizzy Dash: SUCESS! (A 50 mile bike ride.) It was pretty hot out, but a beautiful day, and it couldn't have gone better. I'm exhausted today and recovering, but it was a blast!” – Glenn Schweitzer”
  • Since it's raining here in Omaha and 51°F out I did my Dizzy Dash workout inside today. Now off to take the Dizzy Dash mascot (the flamingo) on an adventure with a friend. First stop… pedicures!! Then tomorrow I've got some awesome ladies to go walking with me!” – Jen Husak
  • “Finally got my run in this evening. Wore my Dizzy Dash shirt every Friday this month to work in my therapy clinic.” – Ann Clapsaddle
  • “This Dizzy girl walked 1.5 miles in the Semper Fi USMC 5k yesterday! It was so frustrating not being able to complete the entire walk with my group, but have to be proud of this little accomplishment! (completed 1/2 of the 3 miles!). Did this to honor all of us Dizzy folks as well as my son and all the men and women serving our Country!!” – Gina Caroline
  • “My walk was short in distance but really long on support & friendship. My friend/mentor/physical therapist & VeDA board member, Kathleen Stross, brought her daughter Maddie, & my daughter, Christine, & best buddy, Pat joined us along with my favorite animal, Silver the goat & my three collies, as well as Kathleen's dog, Dixie. These friends keep me grounded and centered, and my animals keep me motivated to stay well each and every day.” – Susan Papa
  • “Me and the boys did a moderately difficult hike this morning and it felt great!!! 5 years ago I was afraid to leave my house and look how far I've come. Keep on pushing friends.” – Barbara Roggenbeck
  • “Mission accomplished! My goal was a 5K, 3.11 miles. I did 3.5 miles in around 40 minutes (see the sweat). Two years ago I could not run at all with PPPD. Some day I will be back running half marathons. Stay strong!” – Joseph Tang
  • “My dizzy dash ride (a bicycle). I did 8 miles today.” – Jennifer Blough
  • “I'm a day late! I dashed 5 miles with the Marines and my flat flamingo for the Semper 5ive in Fredericksburg, VA. I dash my own path in honor of my sister, Katie Naas Mahoney.” – Charlotte Naas Markivich
  • “Hidden London today on our ten mile run for VeDA. Met up with the awesome Etrily Laitphlang in Regents Park at the end too. I was a little too dizzy to hold a sensible conversation! So impressed with her achievements and her lovely family and friends!” – Isabella Park
  • “I did the longest hike I've ever done – 15 miles! Thanks to all of you for motivating me to set a goal I didn't think I could achieve.” – Cynthia Ryan, VeDA executive director.

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What's your goal?