Fall Prevention

September is Fall Prevention Month, and Urban Poling is drawing attention to factors that contribute to falls related to imbalance. As we age, we grow more susceptible to impairments in vision, the vestibular system, proprioceptors, all of which play a large role in balance. Additionally, balance is impacted by muscle strength, joint mobility, and foot strength. Conditions such as arthritis contribute to joint weakness further exacerbating the risk of falls. The number of individuals who fall increases exponentially with each decade after the age of 65, and falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. 

Additionally, vestibular conditions aren’t exclusive to older adults; many young individuals can be impacted as well. In children, the vestibular system can be disrupted, resulting in symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, oscillopsia, gaze instability, and delayed development or diminished balance and other motor abilities. 

However, falls can be prevented; many steps can be taken to reduce this risk. In partnership with VeDA, Urban Poling is striving to keep our seniors moving safely with the help of walking poles and VeDA’s amazing balance resources.

A great way to prevent falls is by maintaining physical activity to strengthen muscles and improve endurance. Exercises that focus on balance and strength training are particularly effective at reducing the risks of falling. Exercises such as moving from sitting to standing, squats, Tai Chi, yoga, and balance exercises can all be performed alone or with the aid of walking poles. Pushing down into the pole handles increases an upright posture while engaging the upper body. The added stability of poles while exercising adds confidence to your movements and motivates you to be persistent in your regimen. In conjunction with the useful resources and tips provided by VeDA, walking poles are an excellent resource for fall prevention and addressing balance issues. 10% of every Urban Poling sale is donated to VeDA to support their mission to help individuals living with vestibular disorders.

About ACTIVATOR® poles from Urban Poling

Activator walking poles from Urban PolingThe 4 points of contact provided when walking with ACTIVATOR® poles can prevent falls by promoting balance and confidence with every step.  UP walking poles are designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of usage, and their height can be adjusted for individuals 4’2” to 6’2.” Walking poles have been uniquely designed by an occupational therapist and gerontologist to promote balance and stability while you walk, and the poles are built to last with airplane-grade aluminum.  Urban and ACTIVATOR® poles are perfect for any age or stage. 

by Zoe Levi