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VeDA Announces French Association

VeDA Partners with French Advocates to Raise Awareness & Expand Access to Information The Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) recently signed an agreement with the Association des Désordres Vestibulaires (ADeV), a newly formed French patient advocacy

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Laurie Savino Fundraiser

Danny Burns' friend, Laurie Savino, was diagnosed with Meniere's about a year ago. Before COVID, Laurie was a successful New York City real estate agent selling $10 million a year.  As the real estate market


Champion of Vestibular Medicine

Help Reduce Diagnosis Times for Patients with Inner Ear & Brain Balance Disorders PORTLAND, OR – The Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) honors P. Ashley Wackym MD, FACS, FAAP with the VeDA Champion of Vestibular Medicine


Vestibular-Friendly Family Gathering

Vestibular-Friendly Family Gathering Our family looked forward to gathering for the holidays in December 2021. It would be the first time the five of us--I, my husband Robert, our daughter Sarah and her husband John,


Visual Snow Syndrome

Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), is a chronic, debilitating, and persistent neurological condition that affects a person’s vision, hearing, and brain function. The primary, and shared, symptom of VSS sufferers is Visual Snow. This resembles “TV


World Orphan Drug Congress, 2021

Rochelle Matheson represents VeDA at the World Orphan Drug Congress “As we know, the rare disease area has historically been distinguished by unique challenges, but also incredible triumphs. Particularly because of advancements in precision medicine


Holiday Tips for Vestibular Patients

Holidays can be challenging for vestibular patients for many reasons. Family and social engagements often cause sensory over-stimulation, resulting in fatigue, and often triggering symptoms (e.g. dizziness, vertigo). In addition, for some, high sodium foods


Fall Prevention

September is Fall Prevention Month, and Urban Poling is drawing attention to factors that contribute to falls related to imbalance. As we age, we grow more susceptible to impairments in vision, the vestibular system, proprioceptors,


Living with a Vestibular Disorder During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A Research Study Dr. Laura Smith, a lecturer in Psychology at the School of Psychology, University of Kent, collected information from people suffering from a vestibular disorder in the UK who had also been diagnosed


New Docuseries Life Rebalanced Chronicles Shares Stories of Invisible Chronic Illness

PORTLAND, OR– July 29, 2021 – Life Rebalanced Chronicles documents the stories of nine individuals who did not expect to be knocked down by a vestibular disorder. All of them looked fear, anxiety, and loneliness


Vestibular Support Groups Survey

Are Support Groups Useful? VeDA Ambassador Erik Vanstrum has designed a support groups survey to gather information and help spread the word about how important finding a support system is for vestibular patients Six months


Group Exercise Classes and Personal Trainers for Dizziness

What to look for in a group exercise class or personal trainer if you have dizziness issues If exercise were a medicine, everyone would be prescribed it. This is even more true for people with