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Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Many vestibular patients feel unlucky because they have an invisible illness that affects every aspect of their life, but that others don't see or understand. Vestibular patient, Peggy Artman, considers a different way for patients

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Dizziness Symptom Profile (DSP)

The DSP is a "smart" case history form to aid in the diagnosis and management of patients presenting with dizziness. By Gary P. Jacobson, Ph.D., FASHA One of the most important parts of a vestibular function


VeDA Volunteer Goes to D.C.

Danielle Tate represented VeDA during RDLA's Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill. Danielle is a physical therapist and a volunteer member of VeDA's Advocacy Committee.  Recently, she had the opportunity to join other rare disease advocates


VeDA Advocates on Capitol Hill

VeDA volunteer, Danielle Tate, joined rare disease advocates in Washington D.C. to raise awareness about vestibular disorders among our law makers. EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases has designed a program (Rare Disease Legislative Advocates) to


Gratitude Journals

Gratitude has been shown to benefit people physically and psychologically. Some studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal can increase a person’s happiness and overall positive mood. Others show that patients who are more


Mark Cuban’s Dizzying Experience

Virtual Reality to Treat Dizziness Celebrity, Mark Cuban, shares his vestibular experience, and how virtual reality helped him get back to balance. Mark Cuban - Shark Tank star, Dallas Mavericks owner, film producer, CEO and


Giving Tuesday

This is an out-of-date post that remains published for archival reasons only. The matching campaign described has finished. Please visit for up-to-date Giving Tuesday info. Facebook and PayPal are matching all donations made through


2018 Champions of Vestibular Medicine

Champions of Vestibular Medicine help reduce diagnosis times for patients with inner ear & brain balance disorders. The Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) announces the annual VeDAChampion of Vestibular MedicineAward initiative to increase awareness of vestibular disorders


Improving the quality of care for patients with neurotology conditions

Five new neurotology quality measures created through a multi-disciplinary collaboration. By Habib Rizk, MD and Anant Shenoy, MD The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS),