Quand la Terre Bouge (When the Earth Moves)

Quand la Terre Bouge (When the Earth Moves)

Life Rebalanced Chronicles Season 3

After two years following 9 incredible vestibular warriors, the Life Rebalanced Chronicles are back for season 3 with an all-new cast!

EPISODE 3: Quand la Terre Bouge (When the Earth Moves)

Yannis’s lifelong dream of traveling had finally become a reality when the unimaginable happened… his adventures were slowed to a halt by the sudden onset of mysterious symptoms. Yannis was suddenly living in a world that felt like it was moving all the time, even when he was still. That’s because he had developed a rare vestibular condition called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS). Yannis found himself trapped and desperate, unable to explain their condition to friends and family. However, a glimmer of hope began to appear when he discovered VeDA and started his mission to raise awareness. By spearheading the creation of a French-based VeDA organization, l’Association des Désordres Vestibulaires (ADeV), Yannis found a sense of purpose.



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I wanted to travel for a long time they took me a bit of time just to decide to go and then when I started I was like wow, there is a lot of steam see there isn’t a lot of nice people to match there is pretty easy place around the world that was managing video corporates in service. And I was traveling for the doing the setup. In France in Portugal, I went Finland, New Zealand, Australia and the knowledge in Vietnam. I say I stayed the course so for unfamiliarity a&m Yeah it was a big part of life’s problem was more or less mine yeah my day to day.

So what me and my brother we plan this trip and we went orange Remote Suite in Asia for the rugby workout, which was then in September 2019. And yeah, and MdDS show up just just where when I lent in Ireland in Japan is the first time where I spelled the movement itself. So I was laying down I stopped that I was like feeling because there is an earthquake in Japan. So I thought I was spinning the earthquake before they eat five there after that was we went to Taiwan so I had another flight five hour flight. I was really excited because I love Taiwan It’s like my favorite country in Asia. And so I was really excited I wanted to get the night markets show my brother and when we went that night market everything was like moving like leg J stick was like really really weird that day I said my brother there is really something wrong really really wrong traits found and end as fast as I could. And yeah, I remember like the end when I saw we did meet the test and so and then give me some pill I was like 100% sure that he will found something and like this building will work for me and then it was not working and the rest was just a pure nightmare laying down at night I have this kind of weird sitting that I like moving like from right there from the prongs why rear like this and I also discreetly kidding that I’m just like freeze falling there is like nowhere to hide your being stuck in your own body.

We have this like weird symptom and your body is not working as it used to. And the more you’re anxious about it the more the symptoms are and then you go back the doctor you’re telling him about like what you fall and is just yeah it just seemed like it’s it’s probably like anxiety related you can explain to your parents who your friends but they cannot like figured out what’s what’s going on with you and you don’t know yourself what’s going on. I was desperate I was like really depressed like I don’t recall that I was as desperate as I was because of MdDS it’s kind of the worst thing worst thing that happened to me in my whole life in Psych crazy crazy.

I was thinking that I won’t be able to travel again in my life. I won’t be able anything that I wanted to and I sold car the future was kind of over Wouldn’t they were not even to be honest like me at some time at some point I really I really thought about MGM gets oh, we’re already over in a subway but I mean I can do to suicide was I was I mean that’s true that my parents and my brother and see Mr. administrates was a lot of them, I probably, I don’t know, I didn’t really want to think about it anymore.

But I remember that they really, really want when I think like, the starting points, if I remember when I was, I was still like, watching and searching everything about MdDS, or every single related to that. And I ended up watching some leaders video on YouTube, which was the light rebalance the season one. I decided just to give a call to the research group in France, about everything related to distributor guarantees order. Yeah, demand that’s answered to me, was the main guy on the search. His name is Chaubert. And the answer read back. He just he was just telling me, do you know that I was waiting for your call? I mean, I was waiting for that board since yours now. And then he told me that I’m wanting to start an association. The same the same as VeDA in the West? Are you willing to try to start something?

So we had our first meeting to start in association at the time, I did that on my power. So I didn’t bring my phone or my car and I had a computer on my lap. My only goal at first was to put information about it in French, on the internet, because I wanted to support another guy or another girl. I just wanted them to just find this information. And just to understand faster as I did, that I was in prison. Now I’m speaking with doctors with people on the medical field. I’ve been included in some research and so so we will keep play translating as much information as we can. We want to start podcasts and also videos.

It’s really rewarding, in a sense. And I mean, it’s also helping you managing your sentence with your nest, because you’re just you’re just having a feeling to doing something right. And that’s really, really nice. I’m fine. I mean, besides the fact that I’m getting angry about it at least once a day. I’m doing breathing techniques, I went back to support the gym, or so like tennis player. Usually, I tried to play around the island or six or 7pm at night because Dan Knight enlike counterbalance the symptoms at night and it’s working really good. There is no one size fits all and you know yourself better than anyone else in this in this word. So give it a try. And at some point, you will find something for sure.