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Covid 19 Sinovac Side Effects

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Hi! I am aged 53 Asian Male and currently take Coversyl Plus 5mg/1.25mg and Concur  2.5 for hypertension. My blood pressure is generally around 130/85/(95-100) pulse.  Today, I took Sinovac vaccination and had a number of side effects.

1) Headache;

2) Dry throat; and

3) Dizziness due to low blood (109/68/80 Pulse)

My part of the arm which had the vaccination, is slightly numb but I do not think it is serious. Interestingly, I did not see these 2 symptoms (No. 2 and 3) appearing from post vaccinations. Now, I wake up slowly from bed to standing positions and have to hold the wall railings when moving upstairs to downstairs of my house and vice versa. I try not to drive my car due to possibility of fainting and currently monitoring my blood pressure. Are these two symptons normal and what else should I do to get back to normal?  My next vaccination is on 2 Aug.   

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Hello Flintstone! I am having huge dizziness and vertigo from Sinovac. How are things on your side? Best regards