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Meniere's, maybe

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Hello. A couple of years ago after a weekend with a bout of nausea and vertigo and some hearing loss in one ear the ENT Dr. thought I had Meniere's syndrome. She said that if I had sudden hearing loss in the future I should go in and a small round or steroids (prednisone) might help reverse it. I have other questions and I'll look around and see if I find answers here, but my immediate question is how important prompt treatment is? Last weekend my hearing on that side seemed to diminish, without other symptoms. Online I read that most doctors say the sooner the better for treatment, but at this clinic an appointment can take weeks and she thought this was not a problem. I was able to get a hearing test appointment in a few days, and a doctor visit 10 days after the (suspected) hearing loss. Is that soon enough? Does it matter? Does anyone else here do this?

I am also interested in discussion of whether people with Meniere's think my symptoms fit the syndrome, but my pressing question now is about the recent loss of hearing.

thank you for any comments.    Michael

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Prompt treatment for Meniere's syndrome is really important, especially if there is sudden hearing loss. Therefore, it is important to follow your doctor's recommendations and seek help as soon as possible. Your appointment 10 days after hearing loss is a reasonable time frame, but if you develop new symptoms or the condition worsens, do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider to determine the urgency of your appointment.