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vestibular imbalance

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Hi everybody! I am new here! I am praying that i can somehow find some answers! so a few years ago after giving birth to my third i started having vestibualr issues. had a full left ear, kept feeling horrific magnetic pull and push from the floor while walking or doing certain movements. I tried everything but nothing worked. the only thing that worked back then was a low dose of diazepam to relieve the pressure in the ear. Eventually it got much better and i had my normal life back. About twice a year it would come back but eventually go away again after a few days. A couple of weeks ago i had some stomach bug symtoms so i decided to start with a nutritionist and eat very clean. About two weeks ago out of no where my imbalance came back worse than ever!!!! Horrific manetic pull and push feeling, headaches and neck pain (which my neuro says is muscles spasms) achy heavy feet is AWFUL ( as a mom of young kids this is so so hard (its horriffic for everyone) and any suggestions are welcome! willing to try anything to get my life back!!! thank u! it is so hard that doctors dont have an answer! they label it or tell u to not stress (its NOT stress) and send you on your way! Anyway any responses are greatly appreciated! 

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Hey, that does sound awful. I hope you are feeling better ? I have the sore neck and magnestic pull. For the sore neck (and a feeling like i couldnt hold my head up) I have been doing exercises goven to me by the vestibular physio and am taking naproxen. I cant sit upright for any period of time or i get the.magnetic pull - so I avoid sitting for now until I can work out what is causing it...