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What happens when there is no vestibular function left?

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I suddenly lost all vestibular function on one side and am gradually losing it on the other due to radiation of acoustic neuroma.  What challenges, limitations and needs will I face in the future?  Thanks to many months in vestibular rehab, I can do most things now even though I still have ongoing dizziness and balance issues.  Thanks for your feedback.

Jennifer Paulsen
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I am sorry to hear about that! We do have some information regarding acoustic neuroma and how to cope with loss of vestibular function. A loss of vestibular function in one or both sides is typically referred to as Bilateral Vestibular Hypofuntion. You can read more about this by clicking here. Hope this helps!

Dario Geisinger
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In my experience majority of bilateral vestibular loss (BVL) patients will have an relatively normal life. Certain situation can be challenging (like walking in the dark, particularly when the surface is not flat and firm) but compensation is usually very good. Vestibular rehabilitation will help in re-training the brain. 
There is evidence that rehabilitation done before a procedure that will create a vestibular loss, can be beneficial (prehabilitation), so keep doing the exercises if possible (and a qualified healthcare provider doesn't advice against it).

Good luck and stay positive, many people live with BVL a completely normal life.


** Always consult with your healthcare provider. Content is not medical advice. **

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