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Gentamycin Toxicity

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Has anyone found any research on reversing the toxic side effects of taking gentamycin prescribed by careless and obnoxious doctors that never fully explain how dangerous this drug is while treating endocarditis....???

Well this happened and changed my life...and it did not cure the endocarditis...I was cured by a competent doctor using daptomycin and teflaro which had little side affects, unfortunately, the gentamycin and that moronic doctor I trusted ....ruined my career and my life...Its been one I took action! DONT TRUST ANYONE that prescribes anti biotics without knowing the potential side effects.


First, stop feeling sorry for yourself, it sucks having bilateral vestibular weakness and get past the point of losing hope.  I found a better job, my lovely wife drives me everywhere and being in the construction field, I tell w/ honesty my accounts what I have and explain like any other disability, I can do my job!


I am not better but I hope and pray that external research for inner ear electrical correction, virtual cilia hair replacement, or stem cell will lead to some cure just ;like a patient that loses a limb can learn to walk again.  I would love anyone to tell me if there is any early stage research that is showing progress to find a possible cure for this horrible but barely known disability.

I thank God I am alive and I will do everything to prove my old company wrong, I can do my job, I can live an enjoyable life even with this condition, and I will never give in to feeling sorry for myself.

RELIEF CHANGES-learn to use your eyes and feet more, swimming helps, exercises using your head and hand coordination helps, healthy diet helps, honesty helps, breathing deep helps, loving family helps and most of all prayer helps.

If anyone understands this or knows of a competent research program that is using technology NOT SURGICAL to correct this inner ear condition, I would love to participate.  Best Wishes, Larry G

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Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's amazing how each person has such a unique set of symptoms and effective solutions for coping. I'm not familiar with the drug you took, but am glad you are off of that. Hopefully someone will see your story on this forum and have a similar one. Hang in there and keep up the great attitude.