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Hi everyone - first timer post here 😊 I’m 41 and I’m from Canberra, Australia. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, after a misdiagnosis of vestibular migraines. I’ve always had shonky balance, even as a child, that hasn’t improved as I’ve gotten older. Objects materialise, walls get bumped into, uneven surfaces seem to gravitate towards me and the such... I get dizziness, tinnitus and I’ve also got unusual hearing loss. Thankfully, I’ve a good plan of medication that also helps for other conditions - bonus! Sometimes symptoms come from nowhere, other times I know what the triggers are: bowling alleys, shopping centres, too much noise, too loud music etc.

By far the most frustrating part of this, is that I’m a music teacher. Being able to hear is a necessity and something I am most worried about. The weirdest symptom is that sometimes when I listen to music (ie a CD or Spotify), and I know that everything note is perfectly in tune, the music that I hear sounds completely out of tune.


anyways, happy to be here and thanks for reading my blerb 👍