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Just realised now that symptoms I had 2 years ago must have been from jab 1 made worse by covid a year later.

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I’ve just found this forum and reading some of these posts has switched on a light bulb of realisation for me  …after my first Physer vaccines in Feb 2021 I developed symptoms 3 weeks later of  Left sided tinnitus, head pressure and fullness in my head,  terrible disequilibrium vertigo and  massive on-going fatigue.   However    this developed after what I initially experienced as a strange obstruction feeling around my heart, that I started feeling  around the time of the first jab (Pfizer)   but just didn’t link it to the  vaccine as I was one of the first  cohort  to have it and there wasn’t much in the way of problems  linked to it at that time.  The weird heart obstructive feeling led me to do some deep stretches to try and work out whether there was something really there  or not, and I felt a bang and blacked out for a few moments.    I went to A/E as I thought it was a heart attack or something but was discharged with them saying everything fine… Just after this was when all the   suite of other  symptoms I mentioned  above developed.  A neurologist I saw   soon after told me  because of the event I had while I was stretching, that  it was probably something called intercranial hypotension which was causing everything.  They took several MRI’s, but nothing ever showed up to substantiate this.    After a few months most of the symptoms died down a fair bit apart from the tinnitus and a strange left sided blocked feeling in my head, like a membrane was covering my head and face on the left and even down  to around my heart area.  I also had darkened vision like an ink stain on the left side which I know was not my vision as sometimes it lifted a bit and then things went back to normal for a while.  The neurologist just said it was an acephalgic migraine  now and was never sure whether the first diagnosis  of intracranial hypotension was correct or not.   I had my second and third jabs in this time with no worsening of anything and continued thinking everything must have been down to the supposed hypo tension  thing. Then in 2022 I became very ill for 3 months with a recurrence of the original symptoms, but   now joined by crazy heart palpitations and shocks and numbness  down my left arm,   mad adrenaline rushes, profound migraine auras, insomnia for weeks, tingling and fizzing in my stomach and feet,  burning that travelled around my heart,  top of my legs and torso , and gastric issues giving me diarrhoea that went on for weeks so I lost a stone in weight.  I had never been so ill and thought I was going to die.  My GP did every blood test, along with heart, kidney and colonic tests and everything came back normal… I decided to have a covid antibody test done and it came back positive and with high levels of antibodies.  I then had a N protein test done to make sure the antibodies were from the virus and   not the vaccines, and turns out they were so I must have been having a long-covid reaction to an a-symptomatic infection as none of my  LFT/PCR Covid tests have ever been positive.  Things died down a bit after 3 months and for a while I thought I was improving, but in the Autumn of 2022 I had a big flare up with all the same symptoms… Again after 3 months they died down but I’m   left with bad tinnitus, visual auras, blocked left head and numb weak feeling in my left arm and leg, tingling that comes and goes in my feet, heart palpitations at night that can start just by turning over, and  a strange vertigo feeling that comes on like there is a mini earth quake going on inside me.

I kept trying to work out what happened to me and when it all started as I know even though I was bad last year with the Covid, I was bad before this and with similar symptoms.   Friends were suggesting vaccine injury, but I dismissed it for a long while thinking the original symptoms were the hypo tension, but when that was inconclusive, I reviewed when all this started for me,  just after my first vaccine and started to read these pages… and as I say the light bulb went on!  I am going to tell all my health professionals that this is the missing link and something they should have asked me about during all the months of tests and scans, which of course they never did!  

So, my question is now, has anyone experienced a worsening of their vaccine symptoms after catching Covid? If so  did you experience intermittent flare ups and did  all the symptoms  reduce, stay the same or get worse?