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I wanted to share my experience with vestibular issues in case it will help someone. This was so scary.

I work in healthcare. I did have Covid Jan 2020.  I got vaccinated 2/27/21 and 3/20/21 (workplace mandate).  I got a booster 10/24/21.

In March of 2022 I had the "flu".  I took two at home covid tests that were negative.  I was sick enough to sleep in recliner for a few days and not watch TV but not enough to go to doctor.  I felt as it I had recovered come beginning of April.  This is where it gets scary. (Background- healthy as an ox 46 year old) no medical issues.

I got up in early April and could not walk.  My BF said it looked like I was drunk. I got a prednisone pack and it did nothing. Stumbling...cannot drive, cannot go down stairs or inclines. I have to hold on to things to move. I remember lying in bed crying and screaming why me. Was I dying?   I finally went to ER (first time in 46 yrs) They immediately did a cat scan for stroke-negative. They drew blood, had a neurologist come in and test reflexes etc.  Finally I was discharged (patient not in imminent danger).

They did want me to follow up with a neurologist. This is a large hospital in a metropolitan area BTW.

I proceeded to have a brain scan? (electrodes put on scalp), another cat scan, MRI's of head, neck, back. Went to ENT, chiropractor, and had tick illnesses checked.

Nothing wrong!

Ok- well why can't I walk?

Finally, I saw neurologist in June- she said I had post viral vestibular disorder aka vestibular neuritis.  I said what caused this. She said some virus.  I said will I ever be "normal"?- "well we don't know."

She said the vestibular nerve was damaged. She sent me to Vestibular Therapy. Thank god for this! I had never heard of this. I had to relearn everything.  I was pulling to the right. My eyes were pulling to right.  I just finished therapy in November. This took up March to November. I am almost normal but not exactly.

I hope this helps people to give hope.

This year the hospital did not mandate the covid vaccine.  I am glad.  What scares me is I'm not sure what went down.  Is it the vaccine? Covid? I don't know and no one else does either.

I am now working on walking to gain cardiovascular health back that I lost sitting down for 8 months.


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Hi everyone and thanks for sharing your experience. I found a lot of useful information here

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thank you for sharing your experiences.

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I am also interested