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New to the forum: vestibulopathy with visual preference

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Hi everyone, first post!

I have been diagnosed with the above vestibular disorder and slowly coming to terms with the adverse effects. I believe there are a number of terms used to describe this for e,g Visual vertigo, supermarket syndrome ect. but i am not a 100% sure that they are the same thing, so any clarification on this would be welcome.

In a nutshell, there is a genuine feeling of disequilibrium and unsteadiness rather than dizziness or spinning. I have a great audiologist who has been really helpful, much more than my GP (i am based in the UK), She has prescribed a range of VOR rehab exercises which i have been doing 4 time a day for about 5 months now.  Whilst things are settled now i.e they have not got any worse, i am still desperately trying to find solutions to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

Specifically, i am struggling at work with fluorescent lights and using the computer, can anyone advise on what they have used to help with this- I wear varifocal glasses which might be an issue but i dont really know?  Are there any lenses for glasses  out there that could help me at work?  I have a blue light filter fitted on my computer screen which has not made any difference.


Any advise would be welcome?