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Does this sound like Vestibular Migraine?

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Hi everyone, 4 years ago I was hospitalised with early stage sepsis and ever since I have suffered from extreme dizziness. I have seen ENT and Neurology specialists over the years and had scans done of my inner ear and head but both scans didn’t show anything unusual. The current diagnosis I have is that I am suffering from vestibular migraine but all medication I’ve been prescribed for this has failed to help. I do believe I have vestibular migraines from time to time but as I am dizzy 24/7 I find it hard to believe I am in a constant state of migraine? The main trigger for my dizziness in the last 18 months has been hunger. Literally every single time I get hungry, my dizziness gets a lot worse to the point it is unbearable being on my feet. I eat regularly but seem to be hungry all the time which just makes the dizziness worse. I have had my bloods tested and the only issue was high vitamin B12. PPPD has also been mentioned as a possible diagnosis - I have done vestibular rehab and attended CBT therapy which both were no help for my symptoms. I am quite a stressed person and I do believe stress may be impacting my dizziness. I was just wondering if my situation sounds like anyone else’s? Is hunger a main trigger for anyone else and what do you do to combat this? 

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You need to make sure you eat regularly and choose foods with a low glycemic index to avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. I also find it helps to eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to keep my glucose levels stable. Regarding stress, I have found that regular relaxation practices such as deep breathing, yoga or meditation can reduce its effect on my dizziness.