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Airplane travel with a vestibular disorder

David Morrill
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Hi with the pandemic hopefully slowing down, I want to know how patients do with traveling on an airplane. Any tips or coping methods you would like to share would be helpful.

Wi Badger
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I usually need to take clonazepam before I got to the airport, because of the sound/movement inside the airport.  Then, I request a seat nearer the front.  If I am too far back there is too much movement from other passengers, and too much noise if I am near the engines.  Once on the flight, no major issues.

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I restrict my diet to super low sodium starting two weeks before travel. I got Ativan from my doctor so that I would not have an anxiety attack during the flight. I.where ear plugs and sit in the middle of the plane on an aisle seat. I had no problems at all. 🙂