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Best type of jobs for people with Vestibular disorders

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I am a Teaching Assistant in a busy Nursery and moving around all day, up and down, bending over constantly tidying up, picking toys up off the floor, cleaning, changing children is making my dizziness really bad.

I absolutely love my job but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on types of jobs that wouldn't be too hard on the Vestibular system or jobs that you manage ok with?

I have tried working with the older children  in a classroom and found looking at the board then back at the children all the time, standing up, reading and writing made everything even worse than working in Nursery did and I only lasted 3 months before going back to work in Nursery.

Any help/tips would be greatfully appreciated 😊


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Hello! It seems to me that the best job is the one where you set your own work schedule, breaks, and so on. That is, work associated with the use of physical force, changing the position of the body in space, work where most of the day you need to stand on your feet is not suitable.

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What kind of jobs let's you make your own schedule and take as many breaks as you want? For most people that's not a thing. My husband has PPPD and we can't think of a single one he could do where it's not a scam work from home type job or would be at high risk of falling if working outside the house.