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You can help raise awareness of vestibular disorders and funds to help support VeDA's mission to empower vestibular patients on their journey back to balance by creating a peer-to-peer fundraising page.

All participants who raise $1,500 or more by May 22, 2021, will receive a pair of Activator Poles by Urban PolingUrban Poling's ACTIVATOR℗ poles are designed for rehabilitation to support balance. Urban Poling donates a portion of its proceeds to support VeDA's mission of raising balance awareness and advocating for vestibular patients. (Receive 10% off when purchasing through this link.)

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Thanks to everyone who is working so hard to support the work of VeDA by raising funds!!

It isn't too late to pitch in with the rest of our fabulous Community of Support. Here are just a couple simple ideas on how to put the "fun" in fundraising:

  • Tell your story: The most important thing is to tell people your story, why this cause is important to you, and ask them to support you. You can create an easy Facebook fundraiser or just insert a link to in your email or post on social media.
  • Office Event: Yes, I said office. As folks are slowly returning to the office you can have a jar at your office asking for donations. Sell baked goods or candy. Ask your supervisor to have a $5 jeans day. Hold a 50-50 raffle. Super easy and fun.
  • You can find more tips here.

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h in with the rest of our fabulous Community

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to support balance. Urban Poling donates

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