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Roof of Mouth Pressure?

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After testing in July I was told that I had a unilateral, right-sided vestibular weakness that was responsible for feelings of being pulled to the right and imbalance I had been having since February after I had both a viral illness and an abscesses wisdom tooth. When I seem to have symptoms, I also feel a sensation of pressure confined to the roof of my mouth.

I’m trying to see if others with a similar condition have experienced that specific symptom? The ENT and my regular Dr seemed to not really think it was related, but it seems too closely tied to when I feel off balance not to be and gets worse when I do the vestibular exercises. I’ve been told I could have a headache, but this is really just pressure confined to the roof of my mouth. It got considerably worse when I had a dental treatment, so I’m uncertain if it’s solely a dental problem or linked to the vestibular deficit. 

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I also experience pressure in the roof of my mouth but my allergy doctor says it is due to my sinus & allergy problems. No treatment has helped so far.