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Strange "brain shifting" symptom undiagnosed?

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Since my vertigo attack in January, I have been able to receive a partial diagnosis and achieved an approximation of normalcy through time and PT exercises.  However, I have a strange symptom that no one has been able to explain, and I am wondering if any other patients have similar experiences. At night, after lying down for an hour or so on my right side, when I turn over to my left, there is a distinct 3-7 second sensation in the center of my head of something slowly shifting from the right to the left.  It does not occur when I turn from my left to my right, only from right to left -- However, my Doctors have clearly identified my vertigo as a "left side" problem -- inner ear hypofunction, loss of hearing, diminished vision, etc.  Wondering if anyone else has or has had a similar symptom?


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