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Vertigo and then 24/7 dizziness, neck spasms, blurry vision, out of balance

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Hello.. I had neck issues and some kind of muscle syndrome that hit me after antibiotics which made my neck muscles extremely tight.. 1 year later I slept in a bad position with my pillow compressing my neck and did not change the position.. When I got up I had a vertigo attack for 5-6 sec.. Then I tried to lie down again and as the pillow touched my neck (same spot) I had another vertigo that lasted for more time and from that day I am dizzy 24/7.. Off balance like I am in a boat with rough sea, I have blurry vision and a very heavy head that I can't keep up after 7-8PM..

Neck MRI showed 2 disc bulges but nothing that serious.. What can this be?

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Hi, what you are describing sounds a lot like Cervicogenic Dizziness. Here is an article on Cervicogneic Dizziness, please read it and see if it aligns with some of the symptoms that you’re experiencing. If you do find this fits what you’re describing you would want to see a chiropractor who specializes in Cervicogenic Dizziness or Vertigo and Dizziness. If you need assistance locating a provider in your area please contact [email protected] and I would be happy to assist you further.