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Pfizer Vaccine

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I was diagnosed with Benign Positional Vertigo about 20 years ago and have migraines along with them sometimes optical.  I have found that these problems get worse with vaccinations ie pneumonia and flu.  I also did find out another big trigger is usually lights especially flourescent and others in restaurants.   I used to get epley maneuver but it pulled out my neck so I won't try that anymore.  I did take meclizine periodically.   Fortunately, since covid and staying in, I have almost been vertigo and migraine free.  So am trying to decide about the Pfizer vaccine.  I want this one as I heard this one has the least amount of side effects.   It is also less of a dose than J&J as only 1/2 does compared to full dose.   I noticed that some people on here are having vertigo from the vaccine and was just wondering if any of it has subsided by now.  The problem I had before with the other vaccines was that it lasted for years.

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Hello I had my first Pfizer jab on may 26 2021 two weeks later I got vertigo I am 73 female I was in good shape before the first jab was able to go to my yoga classes exercise etc now can’t do anything I went for treatment vertigo and it finally subsided but left with being like headed walking sideways feeling like I goin to fall  all the time so I trying to advoid 2nd jab

But maynot have a choice if our mayor and Joe Biden have there way we who are having these issues should report these problems to the FDA because it’s not fair.