Industry Advisory Council Agreement

The Vestibular Disorders Association’s (VeDA) Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is committed to supporting VeDA and the vestibular community by providing guidance and support. In exchange, IAC members receive recognition through VeDA communication outlets and an advisory role to VeDA’s Board of Directors. 

(See the IAC Charter for a detailed description of IAC Member responsibilities.)

As a member of the IAC of VeDA, I agree to the following:

  1. I will attend at least one meeting of VeDA’s Board of Directors per year and present an update on work being conducted by my company.
  2. I will be accessible for personal contact in between meetings and respond to requests for comment/input in a timely manner. 
  3. I will utilize my skills, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of VeDA. 
  4. I will engage my company in one VeDA event per year (Balance Awareness Week, Steps-2-Balance, Life Rebalanced Live virtual conference).
  5. I will promote VeDA through my personal and professional connections.
  6. I will help develop financial resources for VeDA. This may include securing a sponsorship or other support from my employer, soliciting donations from other sources, and/or promoting VeDA Professional Membership.

I am aware that this IAC agreement is an expression of good faith and provides a common ground from which IAC members operate. Additional information on VeDA’s mission, program and IAC responsibilities is contained in the IAC Charter, which I have read.

IAC Agreement