LRL Exhibitor Booth


Be a Part of the Vestibular Event of the Year


Life Rebalanced Live Virtual Conference


March 4-8, 2024

In 2023, over 2,000 people registered for the patient-focused Life Rebalance Live (LRL) virtual vestibular conference. This event is the largest gathering of vestibular patients, and your company should be a part of it!

As an exhibitor at LRL, you will be visited by patients and healthcare professionals who are actively in search of solutions that your company is uniquely suited to assist with. That is why you are one of the few organizations invited to hold one of the limited exhibitor booths in 2024.

Here is what to expect as an exhibitor at the Life Rebalanced Live conference:

Showcase your organization

By participating in the Life Rebalanced Live conference, you are showing the thousands of patients and healthcare professionals who register for this event that your organization is ready to support vestibular patients on their journey back to balance.

You can upload a video, offer downloadable handouts, add a promotional offer, and showcase your website and contact information, creating an eye-catching booth that attendees will remember.

Generate leads

You can collect lead information from attendees who request offers and interact with your virtual booth. These leads will be available for you to download after the conference so you can continue building a relationship with them.

Interact With Attendees Directly

When an attendee visits your booth, you can chat with them directly! You can answer questions, build relationships, and share what makes your brand special.

You can also gain trust and visibility by joining the chat during live sessions and participating in the highly popular community boards. You can even start your own community board forum where patients and healthcare providers can discuss topics related to your products or services.

What does a booth look like?

Your booth will look like this Nespresso example below, except fully customized for your brand!

Want to be Even More Involved?

If you want to be an even bigger part of the conference, you may be interested in becoming an LRL Sponsor! Sponsors are highlighted on all event marketing materials, in conference sessions, and on screen during live presentations. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities by emailing [email protected].