Vestibular Clinical Specialist Certification Denied

Posted by Christina Conner

The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) recently announced that it denied the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy’s request to create a Vestibular Clinical Specialist Certification, stating that vestibular practice is a sub-specialty of neurology and not a specialty. However, there is currently no process for approval of a sub-specialty.

Nature Therapy

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

In many places, winter means dark, cold and gloomy weather, which can have an adverse effect on our mood. Spring, on the other hand, heralds longer days and the blossoming of flowers. It means more sunshine, which can impact our bodies positively, providing a sense of wellbeing and helping to lift your spirit out of the darkness.

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Many vestibular patients feel unlucky because they have an invisible illness that affects every aspect of their life, but that others don't see or understand. Vestibular patient, Peggy Artman, considers a different way for patients like her to approach the concept of "luck."

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