Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

A vestibular patient's wish list may look a little different than most. Rather than looking for the next best gadget or fun experience, they seek gifts that are functional or provide comfort. Here is a brief list of thoughtful gifts you can share with your friends and family who want to support you in your vestibular journey.

  • Pre-prepared meals: for when you're too tired to cook
  • A cleaning service: so you don't have to bend over to mop, sweep or pick up laundry
  • A blanket with a personal note: to let you know they are thinking of you
  • Gift certificates for pampering: such as massage, reflexology, or acupuncture
  • Essential oil remedies: for migraine
  • Light sensitivity glasses: for migraine and other vestibular patients who are affected by bright lights
  • Musician earplugs: for when you're in a loud place and the noise is overwhelming
  • Audiobooks: for people who have a difficult time focusing on lines and lines of words in a book or on a screen
  • Noise cancelling headphones: for people with hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound)

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