Chronic migraine, BPPV

Age: 73

Diagnosis: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Hi, My story started about 14 months ago. I was standing while talking to my son. All of a sudden this feeling like someone just poured a bucket of water over my head. I was extremely dizzy, the floor and room was moving, I thought I was going to fall down. I yelled “I am dizzy, I am dizzy!”. My son comes up behind and he later told me as soon as he had me I went limp, my eyes dilated and I had a blank stare. I could hear him yelling for me to answer him. I was unable to reply. I am not sure how long this lasted but when I came out of it, I threw up. By the time the paramedics got there I had come out of that trance like state. All my vitals signs were good. The only thing I could tell them was my head hurt.

When I at the hospital, they did a CT scan, blood work, EKG. All was fine. The doctor diagnosed me as old and dizzy and sent me home to follow up with my primary.

I had major balance problems that no one could explain and a really bad headache. After my second trip to ER , the ER doctor referred me to an ENT and neurologist. The Ent diagnosed me with BPPV and sent me to physical therapy to treat the vertigo. I am on my second neurologist and am still trying to find help with the chronic migraine. I have them 24/7. Fortunately, it has only woken me up a couple of times. It appears that the headache is getting stronger the longer I go without a treatment that helps. It is very frustrating.

I just keep going and hope someday I won’t be in any pain.