Elyse Riesa

Don't Wait to get help but make sure the help you get is a trained PT or Dr in Vestibular disorders.

Age: 65

Diagnosis: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

I started off slowly with a vertigo problem that just kept getting worse. I did not have time to address it as I was running for election in my small town. Finally after the election was over I went to see my internist who confirmed for me that I had BPPV. I watched YouTube videos so I had some idea that my issue was strictly my right ear. This treatment cannot be done alone as I was so dizzy and ill I knew I needed a specialist. I found David Witt from your Vestibular internet site. I cannot be happier that he was posted here. The man is extremely skilled and his team were very caring. I would never go anywhere else. Best part: I was cured after my first treatment. Hats off to David Witt PT extraodinaire! I am very active. I swim, gym, play golf ,etc and now Im finally back to normal!!!