Jill Anne

You never know how strong you are. Until being strong is the ONLY choice you have.

Age: 56

Diagnosis: Accoustic Neuroma/ Vestibular Schwannoma

I have to start at the very beginning to help shape the scope of how this has impacted my life. I’ve never liked any rides as a kid, not even a swing. My mother has a photo of me on a small carrousel holding on for dear life with tears strolling down my face. I’m an Air Force brat and have traveled all over the world of which I’m grateful. Though being vaccinated as a 2year old for our first deployment overseas, I was given them to close together so I have had this conversation with my parents long before many of my issues began. I have 3 autoimmune diseases that started after I gave birth to both my children. Late 20’s. It seems the I have been bombarded with viruses since then. Parvovirus , 2 episodes of BellsPalsy , lymes3x, migraines. So with that I’ve seen many specialists throughout the years. I am a very active and love the out of doors. I’m from Wyoming so we do everything outside. With that said since this second episode of the vestibular neuronitis and also being diagnosed with an vestibular schwannoma my life has drastically been impacted. I’m at about 70% recovered but can’t seem to get past the plateau. My Neurologist has me playing ping pong, dancing, all things to train the right side to ignore the left side. I’m going to try a low dose of aimyltriptaline but have to be weened off my current meds. Hopefully I’ll get some relief. I’m not so worried about the
Schwannoma as of yet but this feeling between exhaustion and nausea-coping and hoping and wanting to do all the things I did before is my struggle. I’m hoping that by sharing my story I won’t feel so isolated with explaining how it feels to live like this and to connect with others who understand.