Julie S. + Brain Injury

“To those of you just beginning your vestibular journey, be patient. Recovery takes time. Work within your boundaries and have faith that you will get better.”

Diagnosis: Concussion-related

“My vestibular experience started following a traumatic brain injury suffered in a car accident. I immediately felt off balance and disconnected. I went to the emergency room, where they discounted the possibility of a brain injury because I did not hit my head. They were wrong.

I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor. Her evaluation confirmed neurological dysfunction, and we began a treatment protocol immediately.

My treatments had to start very slowly and my doctor was careful to tailor them based on what my brain could tolerate. It has been nine months since the brain injury, but I am doing very well and slowly regaining function.

My vestibular disorder has brought my life to a screeching halt. I am a veterinarian but am not able to practice because of symptoms related to my brain injury.

My husband drives me to my twice weekly neuro-rehab appointments, does all the shopping, much of the cleaning and cooking, and so much more.

It has been a struggle for me to be incapacitated and for him to be responsible for so much while having a full-time job himself.

Emotionally, it is scary and confusing. I was afraid I would be severely disabled forever. As my treatments have begun to have an impact, I am becoming more functional with each passing month. My progress is excruciatingly slow, but I am finding it easier to have hope for my future.

finding support

Without a doubt, VeDA has been instrumental in both my diagnosis and recovery.

I first learned that both my light and sound sensitivity might be contributing to my vestibular symptoms through VeDA. I also learned about Urban Poling’s Activator poles through a VeDA webinar, which have helped me to feel more steady and secure when walking, and contributed to my exercise therapy.

Julie is excited about having the freedom to get outside and walk again. This May, she’s looking forward to participating in VeDA’s Steps-2-Balance event.

It has only been the last two months that I have been able to try walking outside. I knew that I needed to start taking walks as part of my vestibular therapy, but I was not feeling stable or safe enough to do so.

With my new Urban Poling poles, I have progressed from taking a short walk up my driveway to being able to make two trips around the block!”