Lightheaded daily since Aug 2021

Age: 71

Diagnosis: Cervicogenic Dizziness

Hi! I’m retired, age 71. In August 2021, my neurologist prescribed Lyrica for my mild essential tremor. Within a few days I noticed I was very lightheaded whenever standing and sometimes when driving, I had first experienced lightheadedness about 10 years earlier, but occurrences were random, maybe every 3-4 months, and only lasted a few minutes. It’s sometimes called “Supermarket Syndrome”, which makes sense- mine was usually triggered in a store, as my gaze went from side to side repeatedly. I stopped Lyrica after 1 week, but the LH has remained every day. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 = worst, mine averages ~7 every day.
In Jan 2022 I saw the ENT who fitted me with hearing aids 3 years earlier, specifically about my LH. At their recommendation I went through 12 weeks of physical therapy. I only made slight progress, as gauged by their Sensory Organization Test (SOT) and Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction in Balance (MCTSIB) tests.

Other actions taken:
1. Stepped down to 4 weeks of not taking my anti-anxiety/depression med (was 4 weeks sufficient?) with no change in LH. GP and Pharmacist agree its unlikely my other meds could be the culprit, as I’ve been on them for years.
2. Dentist
3. Neurologist- incldg brain MRI.
4. 4 weeks of dry-needle therapy focusing on my neck, no improvement.
5. GP- negative carotid ultrasound, negative EKG. Taking Triamterine since 12/6/22 for Meneire’s Disease- no effect. Lab results indicated possible dehydration- suggested 60 mlg water/day. Was only drinking about 20, now at 40, working towards 60.
6. Ophthalmologist- 3 visits, tests inconclusive.
7. Pulmonologist – my CPAP doctor.
8. Additional ENT specialists: a PA (over my very strong request to see the actual Dr.) saw nothing conclusive, recommended yet another ENT, specializing in inner ear/lightheadedness. That doctor suggested gaze stabilization + balance exercises at home, similar to first ENT, and referred me to TMJ doc.
9. TMJ specialist- took inconclusive x-rays (and my last remaining $).
I am not giving up!
Next, I will try a different ENT doctor. Maybe they will recommend a different approach.
Hope springs eternal!