My Story with BPPV at 18

"This too shall pass."

Age: 18

Diagnosis: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

My name is Emma and I am 18 years old. I have been struggling with BPPV since October 2022. I first noticed my symptoms when I stood up and felt as if I was about to pass out while the room around me started to spin. These symptoms were accompanied by head pressure and a sense of panic and would worsen whenever I moved my head. I rushed to the ER and left with no answers. It took three months to get a clear diagnosis. Three months of fear, medical testing, and dizziness. I then started seeing a PT who helped me tremendously. Although I am not completely dizzy-free yet, and still have relapses in my BPPV, I have learned so much since this all started. This journey has been far from easy, especially while trying to manage college classes, but it has taught me that a mindset shift is key to every hardship I will face in life. Working with CBT to help decrease my fear response with dizziness has helped me so much. The quote “this too shall pass” stuck with me and has proven to be true. Although your dizziness may feel everlasting, it will not always consume you, and you will overcome the negative emotions that come with dizziness. I wish everyone who is going through a vestibular disorder the best. You are seen and you will make it through this, never be shy to reach out to me for support, thank you.