Patricia and Aviva Banks

It's so important to protect and preserve our natural immunity.

Diagnosis: Vestibular Neuritis

We leased a brand new house in 02/2007 in southwest Florida to work with the hospital system. In about 3-4 months we began feeling weak. My 2-year old daughter began hearing sounds much louder than normal and was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder & Vestibular Hyperacusis. She overcame pseudomonas Aeruginosa (Staph), Pneumonitis, and falling down with high fevers on a regular basis requiring intravenous medications. Our immune systems were compromised. A lowered hemoglobin level caused a near-fainting (syncope) episode that brought us to the ER. A year later and it finally was determined to be improved.

When an Engineer/Inspector for Florida’s Health Department conducted a walk-through of our house he said we had a ‘sewer gas leak’ with malfunctioning HVAC ventilation. We moved immediately in 04/09, and my daughter spoke REAL WORDS clearly within 2 weeks – no more slurred speech or falling down! My hemoglobin was tested as better, and we were on the mend. Our story was published twice by the Department of Health’s Department of Education’s newsletter and we had a picture taken with Dr. Oz’s partnership company, which we joined to have premium antioxidant formulas.

We then moved up to Tampa, but were unaware of a drainage problem that was causing a toxic mold to grow within our walls! We went through a similar strange episode of coughing, breathing issues, and my daughter’s C-Reactive Protein raised to a level ‘9,’ which is very high for a child to have. I’d caught all kinds of illnesses; getting rid of them with antioxidant/anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial & antihistimine formulas. Any time we ran out, we were sick.

My daughter, by that time, 6yrs old, began with face & ear pains, then progressed into throat sounds which worsened to the point one weekend where she had to be hospitalized overnight for evaluations. She also began having ‘neck-seizures.’ I began experiencing spinning/falling during night. I’ve also had ‘attacks’ of aspiration from Vocal Chord Paralysis, connected to throat issues. It seemed strange, until our walls were torn out and the mold was discovered.

I’d never felt so dizzy in my life. I was so scared, but when we discovered that the mold had returned we moved out. Finally we were diagnosed with Vestibular Neuronitis/Labrynthitis and chronic Dizziness Disorder from compromised immune systems.

It’s so important to protect and preserve our natural immunity. We hope to have everyone aware that your immune system is so important. We discovered how much just by these illnesses we’ve experienced. In addition, I’d had the beginnings of breast cancer, and 2 other gynecological disorders during this time, which I’ve also been fortunate enough to recover from.   We hope that by sharing our story it will help others begin their own healing process.