When your world is turned upside down!

Life is what you make it

Age: 30

Diagnosis: Undiagnosed

In 2016 my world changed drastically from a high functioning individual to someone who struggles to keep on top of daily errands. I was repeatedly turned away by Doctors who suggested it was all in my head, I heard phrases such as “make an appointment for your health anxiety, there’s nothing more we can do for you.” I even went to A&E convinced there was something wrong with my brain. After multiple visits I decided to go it alone and unfortunately lost my vestibular system (both sides) over five months.

My symptoms were severe and consisted of memory loss and confusion, severe dizziness and imbalance, buildings looked twisted and the floor was spongy. My hearing was being attacked and tinnitus developed. I felt like I had entered another dimension!

It took me two years to compensate to my new normal – which is nowhere near normal but I have come a very long way. I have even managed to go skiing and paddle boarding. My main long-standing issue is cognitive dysfunction, short term memory loss, executive function etc. Without coming across VEDA I would not have known what was happening to me, and especially reading the “cognitive effects of vestibular disorders” as that was a light bulb moment.

Vestibular disorders change your sense of “self” which is extremely difficult to deal with and poorly understood.

Life is very different, and I miss my old self but for the most part I make the best of it, I remain active, and continue to challenge myself.