Yap Wein Fook

seek a cure in future.

Age: 28

Diagnosis: Vestibular Migraine

Hi, my name is Yap Wein Fook. I was born in 1995 in Malaysia.

First, I want to say “thanks” to VeDA for their support.

I was first diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. My symptoms included headache, tinnitus, and dizziness, and lastly a vertigo attack. I was suffering greatly and doctors in the ER couldn’t help me. They just discharged me and told me to go home. Vestibular neuritis once gave me a panic attack, so I now take SSRIs, and benzo meds., which gave me gastritis at first. I tried so many meds but they don’t help. I tried are amitriptyline, flunarizine, beta blocker, SSRI, SNRI, calcium channel blocker, benzo (only use for emergency). My ENT didn’t know what else to do so they referred me to a neurologist because they thought I have vestibular migraine. I took both a VNG and vHIT test, if I remember correctly; both were normal.

Other symptoms include visual snow and motion sickness. My doctors don’t know much about vestibular migraine, so I go to Dr. Google for help. Sleeping in bed, I feel a rocking and swaying. I prop myself up at a 25 angle degree…after that I can still barely sleep.

I have been through vestibular rehabilitation therapy, which went well at first, but I still feel the same after, with nausea and vomiting. However, I do the therapy. I also have a counselor that does cognitive behavioral therapy with me. I’m not saying it didn’t work, but I feel hopeless anyway. I’m a 27 year old male with no life. My family needs me because my father is older. For work I am an technician for fridge & washer, but now I am disabled because of this sickness.

I just hope my country could look more into this condition. But our medical area is still weak. I have to tell so many doctors – ENT and neurologist – because they are clueless.

Life is tough. I cry for a cure. But I still hold onto my life despite the difficulties. For now I use Dr. Beh’s book called Victory over Vestibular Migraine and follow his supplement recommendations. I choose not take the prevention protocol for vestibular migraine. The only ones I have not tried are topiramate lamotrigine and verapamil, also CGRP, because sadly Malaysia doesn’t have it.

I have sent a letter in my government health facility and the minister of health of Malaysia suggesting the doctors and scientists help look into this mess of vestibular migraine issues, but they ignore it. I sent a letter to politicians, but it was also denied.

I hope Dr. Shin Beh will find a cure for vestibular migraine one day.